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Resourcing NetSuite - It's Time to Stop Chasing Unicorns


There is no doubt NetSuite is a great product. Hit up Google, the NetSuite website or any ERP comparison site of your choice and you will quickly be overwhelmed with glossy brochures, magic quadrant for this, best in class for that type article that will attest to this. Used properly, it can do great things for your business. Unused inappropriately, it won't.

It is a big product, core financial management, all your master data and core financial transactions in one place. Customers, Vendors, Partner, Employees, AR, AP, Inventory Management, CRM, Manufacturing, Supply Chain across multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and locations. Pretty impressive at first glance, the feature list goes on and on. But it's pretty daunting too, once you realise someone needs to learn all this stuff and understand how to apply it to your business.

"Your business" it the key point. NetSuite provides highly valuable, generic functionality that is used by more than 22,000 customers worldwide. There is a lot of functionality that gets delivered out of the box, and plenty of advice that will tell you not to change too much in NetSuite, at least until you find your feet and get up and running. Wise words. But when you are up and running, what then? While the generic abstractions and rhythms of business will be found in any organisation, I've never actually come across two companies that were exactly the same. Nor have I come across a single software system that operated a whole business in splendid isolation. The reality is, that however much you might want to resist the urge to customize your NetSuite instance, you will. It’s designed to let you do that, you are free and welcome to do so. In fact, you won't realise the full value of your investment until you do. That means data migrations, integrations, custom entities, transactions, fields, and scripts of various descriptions. You need to learn how to do all that. Of course, there are partner tools and add-ons to help you here if you know how to pick the right ones. You need to learn them too.

… and then there is change. Constant change. The great thing about NetSuite is that it's always up to date. One of the most challenging things about NetSuite is that it is continually being updated. Twice a year in fact. You will only just have finished digesting the release notes for 2020.1 when the release notes for 2020.2 will land in your lap. Another couple of hundred pages of new and updated features to check.

It’s a full-time job, more than a full-time job.

The Problem

You idly run through the skills and experience that you are going to need. You know you have some business processes to fix, some data that needs to be cleaned up, old systems that you will need to integrate to and shiny new SaaS solutions that keep coming along. Hum, I think we are going to need a:

  • NetSuite Administrator

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Solution Architect

  • Functional Consultant

  • Technical Consultant

  • Business Analyst

  • Developer

  • Tester

  • Project Manager

  • Change Manager

  • Trainer

  • And so on.

Your list might be different, but I doubt its much shorter. It will also change depending on what you need to do. You might need a gun integration developer today, tomorrow a warehouse management specialist and next week an accountant with a deep knowledge and unhealthy obsession for the finer points of fixed asset management.

So, you try and hire some help. Here is the first job advert you write:

"Wanted - NetSuite Guru - 5-10 years' experience a must. Must be degree qualified. Proven experience and successful track record of delivery in business consulting, accounting, software development, data migration and integration. Should be comfortable with ambiguous, fluid, and contradictory requirements, capable of standing on your head underwater while juggling lemons. Specifically, requires skills and experience in (insert any or all of the skills above) must be willing to work long hours for low pay and what will be (if someone actually does possess all the required attributes) a career ending role. Excellent, written, and verbal communication required. Unsuccessfully applicants will not be contacted. Only unicorns need apply."

Our Solution

Strategik has an expert NetSuite team "available on demand". Servicing Brisbane, Sunshine & the Gold Coast our onshore / offshore team can provide all the skills you need in a flexible, cost effective, "pay as you go" format. We have qualified accountants, certified consultants, gun developers and more. A number of our team are ex-NetSuite employees and our principle consultants are industry veterans with many years of learning to bring to your aid. Our low overheads and unique delivery model provide a cost and quality that our competitors cannot match. With rates from $99/h we could be the best value unicorns you have ever seen.

Want to Know More?

Contact us via our website or call our office and leave a message. We would love to talk about NetSuite and your resourcing needs, and of course, our initial conversations are free. What have you got to lose?

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