• Adrian Colquhoun

Planning to Learn NetSuite – are you Crazy?

Am I mad? – no. But am I Certifiable – absolutely!

I have spent the last two years exploring NetSuite and learning from some of the best in the business. One thing stands out above everything else – there is so much to know!

Happily, the team I have assembled around me know a lot more that I do. I am grateful for that every day

However, that said - It’s time for me to up my game.

I am a great believer in the value of technical certifications. At one point in my previous life I held 13 different Microsoft certifications while leading my Microsoft Gold Partner consultancy. That taught me that the certification process broadens your experience, formalises your knowledge and, importantly, provides the reassurance that you do actually have a good understanding of a particular product – not just knowing enough to be dangerous. In short, you are far better placed to serve your customers problems when you continually invest in your own skills.

With this in mind, today I start my formal journey to achieve the NetSuite certification. I plan to tackle the foundation, ERP consultant and SuiteCloud developer exams (after all I am just an over promoted software developer at heart).

I would really like your help with this.

I am reaching out to my network for any advice you can share at the start of the journey or any good study guides you can point me to that will help me on my way. I will write down my experiences as I go and share them back to the community, so you will be helping others too.

Who knows I might write another a book on this one day – but not today. Time to get back to the studying..

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